About Memberships & Donations

Friends of Fairfield Rugby has made great strides in supporting our current teams and building our legacy. Our 50th Anniversary Gala, the recent Rugby Homecoming, and current on the field excellence of our teams are visible testimony to our efforts and the generous support of members and donors. And this is just the beginning. To continue the growth of our storied program to the next level we are working to build both Membership and Donations. Our goal is to have ALL past Red Rugger Men & Women and fans as active members of the FOFR. Over 1200 men & women have played this great game in Fairfield colors; just think of the power of such a scrum! 

We all know this fact of life: a purpose driven non-profit organization like the FOFR needs continuous funding to thrive. Yes, we've had great success leading to our 50th Anniversary Gala but there is so much more to do to ensure that rugby at Fairfield fulfills its potential on and off the field for those who follow in our sweat stained footsteps. Our modest Membership Fees help us run the organization, maintain this website, and manage the data base that keeps the growing Rugger Alumni Family Network alive and connected on a regular basis.While we want all Ruggers to be active members additional donations are essential.  Donations are the fuel that make our mission possible. 


Your benefits include:

  •  A well funded FOFR treasury that will provide direct support to the FURFC Men & Women, financial aid for individual Ruggers in need, and other activities intended for the good of the game and the well being of the Rugger Alumni Network
  • In 2014 we have committed $10,000 for club training expenses, funded a "living FURFC" history on our website, and launched an annual Rugby Homecoming
  • Future plans include continued funding for coaching & training, and partnering with FU for practice equipment,  and permanent storage & bleachers at Grauert Field
  • An active FOFR Hall of Fame Committee to ensure that Rugby Excellence by our men & women is rewarded and recognized for all time 
  • Each member receives a FOFR Logo Lapel Pin 
  • Each dues paying member is recognized as such in their profile on our searchable website data base that will also indicate their level of accumulated contributions   
  • FOFR News through our website, email blasts, and our Facebook Page – a great way to stay in touch with the current club and with news about rugby alumni.
  • Employment opportunity networking for Rugger undergrads and alumni; this has proved to be very successful for those who request that we circulate resumes and job postings  
  • Invitations to all FOFR functions
  • Members only pricing on events and merchandise
  • "Psychic Income” from supporting the great game we all love and has given us friends & memories for a lifetime

Join us as a Member of The Friends of Fairfield Rugby (FOFR) and then make a Donation. We offer several  membership and donation options for your convenience and all are tax deductible.

2-Year Membership Dues @ $50 or Five Year Membership Dues @ $125. 50th Anniversary Lifetime Memberships are no longer offered; for those who purchased these memberships you are not required to renew your membership but we still need your financial support through donations. Thank you.

All 1 year memberships have expired. New or renewal memberships will have a 4th quarter expiration date from the date of purchase and members will receive an email renewal notice in 2015.

Friends of Fairfield Rugby is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Donations to the FOFR are tax deductible. Download the IRS documentation of our charitable tax-exempt status at this link.

 Donations should not be confused with a Membership. Your Voluntary Donation makes it possible to fund our vision and goals; we can't do that on our modest membership fees. Donation options are: $50, $150, $250, $500, and $1000. If you wish to change your donation amount it can be done by using the Quantity Box in the on-line order system (i.e. $50 x 2 = $100 or $250 x 3 = $750 etc.).

For Corporate Matching gifts, or if you prefer to send a check,  make it payable to THE PID FUND FOR FAIRFIELD RUGBY INC. and mail it to the FOFR Treasurer at the address below.

Friends of Fairfield Rugby, Patrick O'Keefe, 21 Bridle Path Trail, Monroe, CT 06468

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